1:5:9 Niche Apparel eStore Facebook Ad Strategy

It’s Never Easy.

Hey guys, want to leave you with some insight and that it’s always a struggle and never easy.

Last month was an absolute MESS for me. My bank merchant processor glitched up and the payout was on hold for what seemed like an eternity. My account ended up getting overdrafted and my ads had to stop running. IT SUCKED. It took about a month to finally resolve the issue and it even affected this month for me as well.

But I pushed through and had to rebuild up ads since pausing them caused so much damage. I know a lot of people make it seem like this whole ecommerce thing is so easy but I’m sure they had struggles, it’s just always more fun to share the successes. And while the successes are beneficial it’s also helpful to see the struggles.

This is where I am right now for this month 6/12/18. I had been hitting 1k every day before this incident and am trying to get back there!

The Numbers

Adspend: $2,242

Product Cost: $1,114

Store front Costs: $200

Profit: $5,179

Normally my margins are WAY better. This is the most i’ve spent on ads for that profit, EVER. Hoping the rest of the month gets better !


I sell women’s apparel. I do image carousel ads. Ive been implementing the 1:5:9 testing method. It works really well 1 campaign, 5 adsets, 9 ads per adset. (3 different creatives and 3 of each, so 9 total) All campaigns are WC PUR.

I tried 5 different 1:5:9 campaigns. Each campaign targeted one audience ( 5 audiences in total ). All my audiences were competitors of my Brand. I.e Topshop, lululemon, etc.

Each adset i set for a daily budget of $20.00, 7 day click 1 day view.

20 dollars is my profit margin, so once the day was over and the adsets spent 20. I shut off the ads with no sales and left the ones with sales running.

Then I broke down the ads doing well, shut off the ad creatives in the adsets that weren’t getting sales. Then scaled the adsets that had a ROAS of over 2.50 to $40 dollars a day.

I have over 100 sales from these campaigns so my next move is to create LALs. and implement the same 1:5:9 with the LALs.

Hoping to get my profits back on track this month!

If you have any questions shoot away in the comments!

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