What makes a great Video Ad? 📹

The purpose of a video ad is to TRIGGER AN EMOTION and to get that viewer to TAKE ACTION! (Share, Comment or Buy)

Anytime we see a video that gets us to stop in our feed it’s because it triggered some type of emotion.


Your objective as a marketer is make your videos SO COMPELLING that it motivates the viewer to either CLICK, SHARE OR ENGAGE with that video.

Think of time when you saw a video, not just a video ad, and you clicked the SHARE button because you felt like it was worth sharing because you found it either funny, shocking, sad etc…

People LOVE to share content that speaks/identifies with/relates to them, because they feel like they’re “in the know” or “smarter” or “special” from sharing these videos.

But in order to capture these emotions, you have to craft your videos at an EMOTIONAL level.

The 4 Components to a STRONG Video ad are:


The first 3-5 seconds are the MOST important to any video.

You need a STRONG HOOK that grabs the attention of the viewer. You need to display the pain points, wow-factors or testimonials in this section or else you’ll find yourself missing out on that potential viewer.

All it takes is 3-5 seconds to engage someone or to lose them forever.


This is the meat and potatoes of your video ads, this is where you highlight all the benefits and features of your product/service so that the viewer can identify themselves using your product/service.

Multiple demonstrations/examples help cement the core benefits of your product/service so you’re able to inform/educate your target market on why your product/service will make their live’s better, easier, simpler.


Videos should be FUN TO WATCH! Make it entertaining by adding the right music to your video. What mood do you want to capture? Music can change the entire tone of a video, so make sure to test different genres that really captivates your message.

Make it fun and enjoyable, showcase people in a happy mood, showcase expressions, crack some jokes in your videos, include some memes, show dramatic results… all of these are ways to lock in your viewer to get them to keep watching your videos and to elicit an action.


You must ALWAYS have a clear call to action for the viewer to take at the middle/end of your video. If there’s no clear call to action that person won’t know what to do next. You can miss out on a potential sale if you leave it up to the viewer, for all they know they just watched a cool video and will move on.

**Examples of Call to Actions:**

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Now go make some amazing video ads!

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