Ecommerce Growth Opportunities for US Retailers in Canada

US retailers pushing the limits to expand their reach internationally. After looking into the unstructured eCommerce market like India, acquisition of Flipkart by Wallmart is right example to justify the fact. Now, the much relevant market like Canada is catching the eye of new entrants.

Giving a thought to a critical factor and commonalities, Canadian and American consumers are having different choices and perception of brands when it comes to shopping behavior. Retailers must not underestimate the canadian buyers before jumping into the market segment.

Advertising and Marketing differences

One of the key cultural difference is how Canadians react to advertising and marketing strategies. There’s extreme difference between Canadian and American consumer when it comes to effectiveness of ads which are relevant for american consumer and irrelevant for Canadians.  Almost 65% of effective U.S. ads resulted in much lower sales in Canada.

Other Differences

  • Prefer Value over Brand
  • Less Interested in Online Shopping as Compare to U.S. Consumers
  • Love Traditional Retail Methods

What Measures Needs to Take Care by U.S. Retailers?

As per the cultural and advertising perception differences of Canadian consumers, U.S.  retailers must prepare

  • a definitive plan of action on the basis their, marketing, merchandising and store operations
  • Focus on valuable deals to grab the attention of Canadian consumers.
  • Find the consumer favorite products.
  • Study the consumer behavior in different region of Canadian market.





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